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Market place

The following ads are posted for your convenience and information only. The Willamette Valley Woodturners, its officers and members, make no warranty on any items purchased or sold through these advertisements. Club policy regarding commercial advertisements is under review and none will be carried on this page until new guidelines are determined.

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Super Glue and Anchor Seal and other items

The club purchases a few supplies in bulk and sells it to members at club cost.  We routinely have:
superglue ($5)
black or brown superglue ($10)
accelerator ($6)
Anchor Seal ($13/gal)
Recently the club purchased a small supply of half round protractors ($6) used to measure the angle ground on a tool
HSS rods ($3) 1/4" x 8" used to make the round skew demonstrated by Bill McCoy at the October meeting and 5-piece caliper sets ($7).  Bob Quadros will have the resale items at the meeting
It will expedite sales if you bring the correct change for the items you want.

Links to valuable sites

Woodturner Clubs In Oregon

Beaver State Woodturners (Serving Eugene, Roseburg, Lebanon)

Cascade Woodturners Association (Serving Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington)

Fraser Valley Woodturners Guild (Serving Abbotsford, British Columbia. (Vancouver's Lower Mainland)

Mid-Columbia Woodturners (Serving eastern Oregon and eastern Washington)

Northwest Woodturners (Serving Portland)

Pacific Northwest Woodturning Guild (Serving all professional and aspiring professional turners in the NW)


Woodturner Clubs In Washington

Southwest Washington Woodturners (Serving Southwest Washington)


The club has an extensive library of videos and books on woodturning.  However, sometimes you want information on a specialized topic in woodturning that we don't have in the library.  Or, you may need information on a completely different topic, such as furniture making, metal working, welding, hanging drywall, bead making, airbrushing or just about anything else, and don't want to have to spend a fortune on DVD's you'll only watch once or twice.

Some of our members have used the services of "SmartFlix", and are very happy with the service and the quality of information on these DVD's.  As of this writing, SmartFlix has 5,352 videos in 224 categories.  These are all technical-type DVD's - not movies.

We added a link to this organization for two reasons.  One, it's a great service.  Second, if you use the following link and rent something from SmartFlix, the club will receive a donation of $5.00.  You have to go to their website using this link, because our "affiliate number" is embedded  in the link.  That way, they know who gets the credit.  But, we would be adding the link even if #2 wasn't true, because, after renting several of their DVD's, we really do believe that this is a good potential resource for our club members.

Here's the link:  SmartFlix.com How-To DVDs

Woodturner Sites

Chris Andrew: www.turnedwoodandglass.com

Donald Derry: www.donaldderry.com

Bonnie Klein: www.bonnieklein.com

Nick Stagg: www.nickstagg.com/

Gary McGuire: www.turn-a-round.com/

Woodturning Vendors

Woodturning Online: www.woodturningonline.com

More Woodturning: www.fholder.com

The Wooden Post: www.woodenpost.com

Wood 'n Whimsies: www.woodnwhimsies.com

Holbren Precision Cutting Tools: www.holbren.com

Abrasive Solutions Inc: www.abrasivesASAP.com

Fintech Abrasives
(Sandpaper and other products)
Family owned and operated located in Belding, MI founded by Bob Greenland. Fintech fabricates sanding belts, sheets, discs, rolls, and other products from large jumbo rolls produced by some of the best manufacturers in the world.

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